Thursday, July 15, 2010


Do I love this Video?   Sweet Geezus yes...   Where do I begin?  Haven't heard the Black Sheep since I was in college...  Eating lunch in the student center while watching Yo! MTV Raps....good times.    Love the animation.....really subtle stuff in there.    If I had to looks like maybe CG Hamster head and hand replacements, over top of actors with oversized clothes...   I think some of the full body Hamsters in the back are all CG, and possibly the Hoochie Hamster girls dancing...  Its really well done how ever they did it.....great least here on YouTube.   Do yourself a favor, and watch it full size on YouTube in HD.   Enough jibba-jabba...  Onto the show....


  1. it's such an awkward commercial lol. The first time I saw this on tv i won't lie, I cringed a little. But it did give out a good chuckle. Have you seen all the other hamster commercials!? they're just as silly.

  2. If by 'awkward' you mean 'pure genius' then yes. lol. :)