Thursday, December 16, 2010

Recent bits of Awesomeness

Just a couple bits of awesomeness that have come in front of my eyes lately...   
Apparently Michel Gagne' is releasing a video game.   

There's a studio in Spain called "Headless Productions" that does amazing 2D animation:    

If any of you have had me as your teacher in 3D, you know how obsessed I am with nice hand poses on your 3D characters...    Why take one of the most expressive parts of the body, and leave it in the default pose???      Toby Shelton, a Story artist at Dreamworks has a blog, along with some really expressive hands...   Drawings...that is.   I've never seen his hands in person, who knows...maybe they are.  Click the image to find out.



  1. Yay! you're bloggin again! I'm sure you've seen this by now but here's the recent film that Headless productions came out with

  2. I do slightly recall your obsessiveness about hand poses, ha, ha.