Sunday, April 25, 2010

Animation is Concentration....Archie Style

I've never been a fan of Archie Comics, still aren't, well...maybe Betty....or Veronica...  I digress. friend Marty Murphy sent this image out the other day when the topic of "multitasking" came up....    It reminded me of that drawing of Milt Kahl yelling at a young Richard Williams when he asked him if he listened to music when he worked....     It holds a lot of truth...     I had to block out 7 seconds of animation literally overnight recently, and decided to Unplug from Pandora and my other usual distractions....   I'd forgotten what a difference it can make when you give your undivided attention to the blank piece of paper in front of you, or that rig in the default 'T' pose....     Think its nonsense?    Try it.    Just for one day.  

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